The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

For many of us the holiday season is filled with anticipation of special gatherings, traditions and celebrating the joy of the season. However, for many in our community, this time of year is not as wonderful as it could be.

Did you know that over 18,680 people live below the poverty level here in Oakville? They live with the daily struggle of not being able to provide for their families which can lead to hopelessness, and despair. During the holiday season, these financial struggles are magnified, often leaving those struggling feeling inadequate and hopeless.

For these families we have created our Christmas Wonders and Beyond program. For more then 15 years, KSM has rallied the community together to help families in need celebrate this joyous season. Through financial donations from our community, we have been able to bless over 1200 families with gifts of food for a holiday meal, including a Turkey, fresh food box, pyjamas and gift cards (which are used to purchase Christmas gifts for their loved ones). It is our goal this year to once again help these families have a special and memorable Holiday.

Our Christmas Wonders and Beyond Program runs from November 1st to December 31st.


How can you help those in our community
have a memorable Christmas?

Please contact Agnes Stassen at 905-845-7485 ext. 208 or
for more information about Christmas Wonders and Beyond and how you can get involved.